Electric Bra

Electric Bra, named SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment), invented as a defense against women rape. Excessive increase in sexual attacks on innocent women led an Indian engineering student to work on biting lingerie. So now ladies can confidently move around anytime after just putting on this bra.
Bra has pressure sensors that are specially calibrated for grab, pinch and squeeze. They won’t active on a mere hug. These sensors are connected to a circuit that will generate 3,800 kilo-volts, which is enough to give a serious shock to the rapist. Activated sensors will also send an alert to the police through the built in GPS system attached with it.
This Bra is safe, easy to wear and comfortable to wear as it is padded and the pocket holding the electric circuit is water proof. It also has a switch so woman can easily put it off or on according to the location where they are.
Available in different sizes and colors, this anti rape bra will not only give sense of security but will also give luxury and style to women.



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