Talent Idols – Mehdi Maloof – 1947

What is Talent Idols?

Talent Idols  is a portal of budding talent, a portal which allows your inner creative genius to showcast its full potential to the right target audience. Ti welcomes you to the wondrous world of fame and fortune, glamour and recognition. Take this opportunity to maximise your energy levels and enthusiasm and become an overnight sensation without footing the bill. Go Viral at OUR expense! Simply upload your ‘gift/talent’ in any one of our video competitions for your chance to be given the break you have always dreamed of! We love talent, people love entertainment, you love attention – let’s join forces, reach the sky and create some stars!



Mehdi Maloof is the newly founded talent. Becoming a music sensation at a young age is a fancy dream visualized by almost every teenager. But teenagers seldom get an opportunity to shine out and make their way to the stardom!


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